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Hull blister repair on a boat in Annapolis, Maryland before photo
Hull blister repair on boat in Annapolis, Maryland after photo

Annapolis Gelcoat and Restoration helped pioneer peeling machines and vinylester resin repairs. Fiberglass blisters are not just a cosmetic problem. Once you can see hull blisters, the strength of the fiberglass laminate is reduced by as much as 30%. Our bottoms are still out there 20-plus years later — we’ve never had a blister repair return to us! Doing a VE system, hull integrity is restored and bottom will have near factory gelcoat-like finish. Contact us if you think you have a hull blister problem. We will first perform a Laminate Profile to determine the depth of blistering, level of moisture penetration and the presence of damaging chemicals that are the byproducts of the original boatbuilding process. We are also pleased to offer just peeling services for the do-it-yourselfer.